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TRT For Men



Most men do not have optimal testosterone levels. If your levels are ‘normal’, then you may not be in the optimal range that is best for you. “Optimal Testosterone Levels” mean that you feel like the best version of yourself – you have the energy to perform daily activities and workouts, you build muscle easily, and you have a healthy sex drive. No two men will experience the exact same symptoms even if they are at the same level. If your testosterone is below your optimal level, then you can experience fatigue, decreased sex drive or performance, increased body fat or weight, loss of bone & muscle mass, and moodiness or irritability. Not only do these symptoms affect how you feel, but other health issues may arise such as osteoporosis or depression.


‘NORMAL' levels of testosterone are above 250 without regard to age, symptoms, or health. Most men learn that as you get older, you should feel older. This is simply not true. If you were graded by your testosterone levels, a level of ‘350’ is a ‘D’. Even though it is considered ‘normal’, it is still a ‘D’. Would you accept a ‘D’ in any other area of your life? No! Why would you accept a ‘D’ on your testosterone level?


‘OPTIMAL’ levels of testosterone mean you are in the upper third of the testosterone scale. Optimal levels are typically 950-1100 (sometimes higher but not more than 1250). Optimal levels take into consideration your symptoms, strength, and overall health along with lab results . By optimizing testosterone (under the supervision of a testosterone specialty physician), patients typically increase strength, heal quicker, improve cardiovascular health, find an increase in sex drive & performance, and feel better.



What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) refers specifically to the physical function of the penis—the inability to attain or maintain a satisfactory erection during sexual performance. Often, men believe that erectile dysfunction and libido are one and the same. In fact, libido refers to the biological urge toward physical intimacy or sexual desire. This urge is psychological, although manifested physically. There are a variety of reasons men may require treatment for erectile dysfunction. Blood circulation problems, medications (particularly diabetes medications), obesity, injuries, psychological issues, heart conditions, and various other medical issues may cause or contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Millions of men suffer from erectile dysfunction. They go through life feeling unfulfilled and under-confident, sometimes for years. These men suffer, and so do their partners. The good news is Axis Rejuvenation has solutions for erectile dysfunction.

How Can We Help?

Erectile dysfunction and low testosterone can co-occur, which means that proper treatment for (ED) may work best in such cases when testosterone replacement therapy, as well as (ED) specific medications, are included in the treatment plan. Erectile dysfunction medications can enhance the effects of nitric oxide, a chemical the body naturally produces and causes the muscles of the penis to relax. This action increases blood flow and thereby allows an erection to occur in response to sexual stimulation. Our care team will perform a comprehensive series of laboratory tests and provide you with medication options that can improve erectile dysfunction, as well as provide you with information on other male-focused treatments.